Challenge Complete!

•March 22, 2008 • 1 Comment


Wait, wait, wait.  Should we still celebrate?

Why of course we should!  What we just did and you guys witnessed was no small task.  It took a great deal of preparation and time.  Plus, we had about 1.5 hours of cutscenes to sit through when we combine their times for all 4 games.

So.  Our official run time was Thursday, March 20th at 11:05 pm – Saturday, March 22nd at 11:45 pm.  Not bad.  We are all incredibly proud.

We would like to thank Shigeru Miyamoto, Wal-Mart, and all of you guys (online or not) who believed in us.  For this team…I think we all consider this a victory.  All of us here at the Zelda Challenge would like to say…WE LOST THE GAME!!!

-Sparky, Mike, Matt, Jason, and Austin


The Last Hour has passed…

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We’ve gotten through 90% of Ganon’s Castle, but we have yet to reach Ganondorf yet.  This is unfortunate.  If it were not for some screw ups in the Fire Temple, Spirit Temple, and Ganon’s Castle itself, we would have made our deadline.

With time to spare.

It just goes to show you that if any member of the team (and believe me, we all did it at one point or another) gets impatient and forgets to breathe, mistakes can be made that can cost a significant amount of time.

We will continue to play even though we did not make our deadline.  We will let you know when that time is whe we complete it.  My estimation is that we will be about 20 minutes off.

(Notice how this one is actually on time…)


Hour Forty Seven

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We’re just starting Twinrova, and Ganon’s Castle in an hour to 45 minutes is totally probable.  Things are so intense I don’t really have time to update, but we’ve had some setbacks that have made this temple unpredictable.  So we’re going for it.  Wish us luck.


Hour Forty Six

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Well the Theive’s Hideout is complete.  And I can’t help but think exactly what Mike just said…

“Oh my God…we’re going to do this!!!”

Of course, we can’t get cocky, but we’re now entering the Haunted Wasteland, and with all of us awake and wired and determined to make this work, both runs of the Spirit Temple shouldn’t even be a sweat.

Wow, this is nerve racking, and the suspense is killing all of us.  Stay tuned for our next post….The Final Hour!


Hour Forty Five

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Alright…we’re now in the Shadow Temple!  Our Spirits have been revived due to a successful run in the Well that took all of 4 minutes.  We’re still going strong…

I am thirsty, though…


Hour Forty Four

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It’s really strange, swallowing your pride and collaborating on a monster of a temple like Ocarina’s Water Temple.  But it’s strangely cool at the same time, having never done it with more than two people.  And I can’t think of any better teammates than these three to finish out our last few hours.  Stay tuned as crunch time becomes more and more of a reality…


Hour Forty Three

•March 22, 2008 • 3 Comments

So we’re currently in the Fire Temple. Sparky hopes to be done by 6:20. That leaves 4:45 to do the following:

Ice Cavern
Water Temple
Beneath the Well
Shadow Temple
Thieves’ Hideout
Spirit Temple
Return to the Spirit Temple
Ganon’s Castle

But we will keep on trying.